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Create your website with WordPress

By 15 November 2017January 25th, 2021Graphic design, Post2 min read

Making your WordPress website


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For some years now, WordPress has become  the world’s most used tool for web design. It had been initially designed to create blogs and became so popular it overtook the other CMSs (Content management systems) and even stood out against other kinds of websites like: showcase sites, cybercommerce (with the Woocommerce extension that has now replaced Prestashop) etc.

Should you build your own website or hire a web designer ?

Truth be told, you could very well create your WordPress website yourself, even with basic knowledge on web design, integration, programming and development…  However if you’re just an “ordinary” internet user, you will eventually face certain technical difficulties, like if you need to change certain aspects of the design for example or if you’re looking to optimise the site to boost SEO rankings or to configure some functionalities.  

In order to achieve a professional website with a high-quality design, without being restricted in possibilities, then I’d advise you to call upon the skills of a graphic designer or an independent web designer. 

Be aware that Google crawls the web and analyses more than 200 criteria to decide which website will come up first and you will never rank your site at the top without the appropriate specialized training.

The benefits of working with an independent web designer is that you will get a great quality of service,  probably as good as what you would achieve with a web agency, and at a better rate. Not to mention that usually independent providers are very responsive, which is also a real advantage. 

Another advantage is that you will have a single contact person for every aspect of your project: design, technical, marketing and communication consulting, site referencing and hosting. So instead of spending hours trying to create a WordPress website yourself, you’d better call upon an independent web designer that will save you some valuable time (and money). Equally you can rest assured that you will not end up dealing with complex technical issues! And lastly you will get a state-of-the-art website that is more effective, aesthetically pleasing and most of all optimally-referenced. 

What can WordPress be used for ? 

Once your WordPress website is finished, you will get an admin interface (accessible thanks to a username and password) that will enable you to modify and add new articles, pictures, Youtube videos etc…


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