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Greeting card from 2007 to today

By 4 January 2017January 18th, 2021Graphic design, Illustration1 min read

Happy New Year 

Ever since I started working as an independent illustrator I have sent greeting cards to each of my clients, whether it is by email or via the social networks (facebook, twitter and recently instagram).

I thought it’d be fun to show you some greeting cards illustration I’ve made. You can notice the graphic style is staying pretty much similar but there’s still some evolution to be observed (at least I hope so!) 

At first I was looking for fun play on words that would be related to each year, but it soon became impossible, so I focused on the visual aspect of the cards. 

I love using both illustration and typography in my work. Combining them in one single visual makes me very happy ! 

Without any further ado, here are the illustrations in a chronological order 🙂

wishes for 2007 : 

 happy New Year

2008 greeting card

wish card illustration

2009 illustration

customer wishes

2010 greeting card picture 

happy New Year

2011 Illustration

 greeting card designer

2012 typographical greeting card

 freelance typographer

Happy new year 2013

last supper illustration

Best wishes for 2014

 greeting card illustration

Typography and wishes for 2015

 typography illustration

A happy 2016

character illustrator

A happy new year 2017

happy new year

Happy New Year 2018

happy new year illustration

Best wishes for 2019

 Best wishes and Happy New Year

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