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Welcome to the website of freelance illustrator Julien Canavezes

Toyzmachin’s professional portfolio of illustrations specializing in visual communication. A book featuring all of my achievements in the field of illustration and graphic design. My name is Julien Canavezes and I have been working as a freelance illustrator since 2006 in France and abroad. Passionate about drawing, I practice my profession as a designer for advertising, communication, press, publishing or event agencies in various fields such as youth and childhood, business and the corporate. Installed in my design studio, this is where I make my drawings, graphic design, corporate, B2B or children illustration. With my experience, I am able to animate my mascot characters to bring my work to life and offer a graphic charter in line with your request

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The new features

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graphic designer illustrator site tarpaulins geothermal energy

Illustrator and cyber security designer

Illustrator and cyber security designer

Isometric illustration – isometry

Isometric illustration – isometry

Graphics and illustration for children

Graphics and illustration for children

Character and corporate mascot design

Character and corporate mascot design

Illustration waste and wastewater treatment

Illustration waste and wastewater treatment

Poster illustration for communication / advertising

Poster illustration for communication / advertising

Illustrations on the recycling and energy recovery theme

Illustrations on the recycling and energy recovery theme

Independant graphic illustrator since 2006

My name is Julien Canavezes, I work in the communications, advertising, press and publishing industry. I have been registered with “La Maison Des Artistes” since 2006. I trained as an artistic director and graphic designer, then I gradually turned to illustration. Today, my job as an illustrator is the most important part of my business. I studied in Paris in graphic art schools at LISAA (The Institute of Applied Arts) where I did my preparatory work, then at Intuit / Lab for 3 years. I also did many internships, notably with designer Ora Ito, which allowed me to learn about work in a design and communication agency.

From creation to achievement

In 2006, I decided to become independent and to offer my services to advertising agencies, communication agencies, press, publishing and events … So I registered at “La Maison Des Artistes” and I proposed my work as an illustrator, graphic designer and flash animator. Today I work with many agencies, companies… in France and abroad. Some references: Publicis, Havas, Euro RSCG, the general council of Seine-Saint-Denis, Eure, Belfort, SNCF, La Poste; but also for associations: “les pièces jaunes”, “une Jonquille pour Curie”… Customer requests range from the creation of a mascot, to the creation of a website, graphic charter, logo, sketch illustration, storyboard, rough, animation, computer graphics .

My assets

I am able to carry out a project from A to Z, whether small or large, on all types of media: poster, POS, packaging, tablet, smartphone, brochure, flyer. I know perfectly well the print, web, digital and multimedia constraints. I will be your illustrator, multimedia or print graphic designer, artistic director, flash animator, graphic designer, roughman, designer … I’ve won prestigious advertising awards such as the Pencil Award, the New York Festivals Award. I have also been edited by Archive editions in the book 200 best illustrators worldwide.

Creative and responsive, I am passionate about my job, do not hesitate to contact me for any type of project or to view my illustrative PDF book to give you an idea of ​​my style.

My blog

Find all the latest articles, illustration trends, the animation of my drawings but also the advantages and disadvantages of being freelance

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My job is to provide a visual interpretation for an idea, a concept or a request. Liking to draw and design a graphic set are essential elements in my missions. I am able to create corporate or B2B illustrations for the business world but also realizations for the publishing or advertising world. I also work as a youth illustrator for educational communication for companies or publishing houses. My style, quickly identifiable, brings originality and strength to your communication.

Graphic designer

Having trained as an artistic director, graphic designer and computer graphics designer, I can answer all your graphic requests. Whether in print with the creation of posters, booklets or packaging or for the web with the delivery of a complete graphic charter: logo, typography, fonts, color codes, … Being a freelance graphic designer allows to bring you a new and unique vision to increase your visibility with your customers. I also produce infographics, allowing you to have a clear vision on the key figures, which you want to communicate.

Motion Designer

Animation and motion design have become ubiquitous on the web in order to catch the eye of the Internet user. Aware of its challenges, I am able to animate your illustrations or your mascots to give originality and a strong added value to your web presence via a short film or animated gif. My experience as a web animator allows me to offer you complete solutions through imagination, illustration and then animation to offer you a coherent and effective result. An original way to communicate on social networks, website or mobile applications.

My independent status allows me to work throughout France and abroad. Whether you are based in Paris, London, New York Berlin… I am able to create and manage a project from A to Z. I invite you to visit my FAQ for understand precisely all aspects of my creative profession in the field of visual communication.

Contact / Quotation / Questions

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Looking for an illustrator, who could make your illustrations in the form of sketches? Realize the creation of your mascot? A designer to illustrate a city, a factory or an object in isometric, or medical or corporate / B2B illustrations? You need a quote, know my availability, you would like to discuss with me your visual communication project, your press article, or your children’s book … I invite you to contact me in the “contact” section for that we get to know each other and discuss your future project.
In summary the services I offer for the web and print:
• Illustrator
• Graphic designer / graphic designer
• Animator / motion designer