Creation of the West Conseil mascot. Company specializing in professional training and coaching

Mascot for a company specializing in professional training and coaching

The robot mascot I did for the RATP archives

robot mascot
The stopwatch mascot I created for the SNCF’s flash sales promotion

SNCF Mascot

Here are different variations of this mascot’s colouring. My client chose the one on the right.

fox mascot

Here are some other variations depending on different situations 

 declination of mascot in different attitudes and expressions.

Here is a Marcel Proust mascot design I did for the city of Cabourg which plays the role of a signpost.

Marcel Proust illustration

Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust Cabourg

Waw Telecom mascot and colouring using vectors

waw telecom mascot

The stopwatch mascot for Prisme Limousin

 Mascot creation and variation

The Wolf mascot and its family

wolf mascot

The robot mascot in multiple evolution I did for the Syndicat National de la Publicité Télévisée

robot mascot

Colouring of the yeti mascot using vector graphics. My client chose the middle one on the left.

 yeti mascot