illustration energy recovery unit

Illustration in the form of a diagram of the energy recovery unit. How our waste is recycled and then how the energy is distributed.

illustration on waste to energy

illustration on flue gas treatment

Illustration of flue gas treatment. From the boiler via the bag filter to the water vapour in the chimney.

illustration of the marchfers and ferrous metals diagram

Graphic diagram of bottom ash and ferrous metals. How the metals are recycled and for what future use.

illustration waste reduction

Illustration on waste reduction, such as food, water, paper etc.

illustration sorting of packaging

Illustration on the sorting of packaging. There is still a lot of misunderstanding about sorting. This illustration shows what is allowed and what is not.

compost illustration

Illustration on composting, its usefulness, which foods are compostable and which foods are tolerated.

illustration of a guided tour of a recycling plant

illustration of food waste

Infographic on the different types of waste, indicating the volume corresponding to each category.

educational visit panel on flue gas treatment

recycling designer

illustration of educational panels