creation of illustration mascot dog cat rabbit

Creation of the youth superhero mascots the rabbit, the cat and the dog for the Synlab laboratories.

graphic designer illustrator brochure

Graphic design and illustration of the Synlab brochure in 3 parts intended for children to explain the steps of the blood test

illustrator of games for children

Art direction and illustration of a small game booklet for children. Game book in the form of goodies

illustrator poster designer for children

Poster illustration to be handed out to children during the blood test with the Synlab superheroes.

educational medical poster designer for children

Illustration of a second poster to visually explain the steps involved in taking blood.

illustration / illustrator giant poster for children

Illustration and graphic design of a giant 100/120 cm poster to be displayed in the waiting room.

diploma illustration for children

Illustration of a diploma given to the children after the blood test

graphic designer illustrator goodies badges stickers

Creation of various goodies: badges / stickers / posters…