This is the zoomed in city representing the different actions taken to better take care of our planet. We can notice the sorting bins, the shared gardens and ecological constructions. This illustration has been done entirely by me. Please feel free to like this page or share it it on social networks.

recycling illustrator

Here is the board illustration explaining how waste management works, with text and illustrations in order to convey a playful but serious message to the public.

recycling illustrationgreen city illustration

Explaining what biomass is can be difficult. This illustration explains how this source of energy works. 

biomass illustrationbiomass illustration

This illustration has been made to explain how sanitation works, showing all its steps. I added a few characters so that the visitors can picture themselves acting for a better quality of life on earth. 

water treatment illustrator

 Water treatment drawing

These are all the steps  to produce drinking water. I used typography and added some characters to detail the whole process.

 water recycling illustrationrecycling scheme

Electricity production is essential, especially since we consume more and more energy. The set of sketches represent the creation step of producing electricity

Electricity production infographic