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Greetings card

By 28 November 2017January 19th, 2021Post2 min read

4 good reasons to send greeting cards

While today almost everything is digitized, it is tempting to think that greeting cards are overrated. I’ll give you 4 reasons to prove you wrong.

illustration carte de voeux

Greeting cards don’t necessarily have to be made out of paper. You can create e-cards and even include them in your digital mediums. I would advise you to send them through emails to your customers and prospects and to help convey your image on social networks.

A digital greeting card is inexpensive

The exact same amount of work is needed whether the card is a physical or digital one. Actually, it is the printing and sending process of the cards that will make the price increase.

My advice would be to send printed cards to your loyal customers and to the people who are interested to work with you and to send e-cards, by email or via the social networks for everyone else. 

A greeting card helps you be memorable

Sending a greeting card will make the recipient remember you and potentially retain your message for future sales possibilities! It is also the perfect opportunity to regain the interest of clients who haven’t called you in some time. When they’ll see your card they might want to reach out to you again. This is feedback I receive often.

A greeting card is always nice!

The relationship you have with your client doesn’t have to be all business oriented, you can be genuinely close to your clients. Sending a greeting card shows that you are thinking of them and that you are happy to show it to them, even more happy if you have ordered the cards from your favourite illustrator !

Let me give some tips: When sending your greeting cards, prepare a file with your client’s email addresses and another one with those of your prospects as you will not use the same type of communication for each.

Also don’t send emails to group emails. Each email needs to feel “special” for the recipient. Do not copy and paste email and just change the names in it, you will waste hours doing it and can easily make mistakes. You can give a try to MailChimp or SendinBlue which are platforms that help you send group email for free, within a certain limit. 

I hope this article has made you feel like sending greeting cards for the year-end. You should know that the order is in progress and all the talking and modifications with the person you chose and for the completion of the project can take a few days/weeks.

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